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Overcoming the mental struggles of building your own Business

Once you make the decision to start on your own, you often feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. People asking how you could have left that decent paying job to start something on your own, the expectations created by yourself to make something that can become huge and successful in the future, as well as the knowledge of expecting no regular income, creates nagging doubts and makes frustrations even worse. We at MarketFinance sympathise with and are hugely supportive of entrepreneurs who take the road less travelled in order to build businesses which make the world a better place. We came up with a short list which hopefully can help you on your entrepreneurial journey.


Don’t be afraid to experiment – There is no right or wrong answer in business. You just have to make the experiments and keep tweaking until things start working for you. There is no such thing as failure – this is not some maths test, where the answers are definite and you need to get 100%.

Don’t be afraid of other people’s opinions of you – Napoleon Hill discusses that 3 of the greatest fears is fear of other people’s opinions of you, which results in inaction. Don’t let that be you. People will judge you no matter what you do or don’t do. Make your peace with this and concentrate on the things which make you happy.

Do not live someone else’s life – You were put on earth to forge a unique destiny. You are not your father, you are not your sister. You are you, and your thoughts and actions will always be different to others. Take this on board and move forward.

Don’t give up – Napoleon Hill says that success is only a step away from failure. If you believe that you are inches close from success, then would you ever stop pushing your business to the furthest extent possible? No? Well then, imagine that you are that close to success, every day. That mind-set will stand you in good stead through the invariable low times which you will face.

Take it easy on yourself – Take some time to do other things – Whilst you may think you were put on this earth for one purpose, remember that it is important to get rest, relax, and eat right as an entrepreneur, in order for you to function better. So make sure you take some time out, and spend it doing things you really enjoy doing.

Also, when things have been unusually bad, and not going your way, take some time off to talk to your favourite customer or your favourite supplier. Understand why they have forged this relationship with you. It definitely will help you realise that you are good at quite a few things in business, and may also give you a way of approaching other customers and suppliers. Most importantly, it will make you realise that your hard work has helped improve the life of at least one person. And that was reason enough to start this business.

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